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DIALOGIK is a non-profit research corporation which investigates communication and coordination processes in contemporary societies. Since its founding in 2003, DIALOGIK has been dedicated to research on risk, participation, and the inter-relationships between technology, science, and society.

DIALOGIK investigates complex processes of communication and interaction in the conflict-laden triangle of politics, economy, and civil society. It employs highly skilled scientific staff (today about 20 full time or part time researchers of which almost half hold a doctorate) and graduate and undergraduate student assistants. The disciplinary backgrounds of the employees range from sociology, political science, administrative science, communication science to geography, biology, agricultural sciences and environmental sciences. Several staff members are certified mediators.

The research team has special expertise in social scientific approaches and is familiar with methods and advanced techniques of qualitative and quantitative social research. In its research DIALOGIK employs mainly discursive methods of investigation. This means, that the research team uses structured dialogue in order to systematically collect information about perspectives, arguments and values of social groups and individuals and includes this information into its analyses. In its research work DIALOGIK brings together theoretical reflections about the role of dialogue and participation in political, economic and social life on the one hand, with the development and conduct of innovative dialogue and participation processes as well as the use of established processes, on the other. This allows us to learn continually through an iterative process of theoretical development and practical validation.

We have successfully used and further developed our expertise in more than 150 international and national projects since our foundation in 2003.

DIALOGIK is financed exclusively by third-party funds. Its projects are funded by the European Commission, the German Research Foundation (DFG), federal and State ministries, higher federal authorities, public and private foundations, and other grant authorities and clients.

Within RECIPES DIALOGIK is mainly responsible for WP4 Policy Dialogue.


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WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP6
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Marion Dreyer