Rathenau Instituut

The Rathenau Instituut is a knowledge institute that supports the formation of public and political opinion on socially relevant aspects of science and technology. It conducts research on this subject and organises debates on science, innovation, and new technology.

Knowledge and Innovation srls

K&I is a social research private organisation focusing on deep change affecting contemporary societies in fields like scientific research dynamics, gender and science, public engagement and responsible research and innovation, environmental sustainability and energy transition, privacy and security.


DIALOGIK is a non-profit research corporation which investigates communication and coordination processes in contemporary societies. Since its founding in 2003, DIALOGIK has been dedicated to research on risk, participation, and the inter-relationships between technology, science, and society.

Ecologic Institute

Ecologic Institute is an independent, academic think tank for environmental research and policy analysis. Since its founding in 1995, Ecologic Institute has been dedicated to improving environmental policy, sustainable development and policy practice.