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K&I is a social research private organisation focusing on deep change affecting contemporary societies in fields like scientific research dynamics, gender and science, public engagement and responsible research and innovation, environmental sustainability and energy transition, privacy and security.

The mission of K&I is to increase the relevance and effectiveness of the social sciences to interpret the processes of change, understanding how they are evolving over time, identifying connected societal stress and investigating available options and tools for their effective management.

One of the main focuses of K&I is the emergence of new forms of science governance, due to increasingly complex interactions with ever broader sectors of society (public sector, industry/enterprises, civil society organisations/citizens, etc.), which affect science and technology research organisations’ functioning and role.

K&I carries out activities in Italy, Europe and worldwide, using an interdisciplinary approach. These activities include research, evaluation and technical assistance, monitoring, consultancy, training and capacity building, networking and science communication, public engagement, as well as the production of guidelines, online resources and other tools that can help setting new policies or effectively implementing existing ones.

In RECIPES, K&I will contribute to all the WPs. As a gender expert partner, it will guarantee that a gender and diversity perspective will be taken into account in all the phases of the project, with a particular emphasis on the gender-sensitive analysis of the case studies.

Work Packages
WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5
Team Members
Giovanna Declich, Alfonso Alfonsi, Federico L. Marta